Сhanges in structure of Kazakhstani government

August 26, 2014

By virtue of decree of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 14 August 2014 “On departments of central executive agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, 5 ministries of 17 and all 9 agencies have been abolished., the latter will merge with the ministries as committees Thus, the government consists of 12 ministries now and 30 committees. The following committees were established in the following ministries.

Ministry of Internal Affairs

New committees

  • Committee on emergency situations;
  • Chief Command of National Guard

Ministry of Health Care and Social Development

New committees

  • Committee for control of medical and pharmaceutical activities;
  • Committee for payment of medical services;
  • Committee on labour, social security and migration

New ministry

Ministry of Investments and development

  • Committee of network, Informatization and Information
  • Aerospace Committee
  • Transport Committee
  • Civil Aeronautic Committee
  • Automobile Road Committee
  • Investments Committee
  • Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology
  • Committee for industrial development and safety
  • Committee of Geology and Subsoil Use

Ministry of Culture and Sport

New committees

  • Committee on Religious Affairs
  • Committee on Sport and Physical Culture
  • Committee on Languages Development and Socio-Political Affairs

Ministry of Agriculture

New committees

  • Committee for forest management
  • Committee of water resources

Ministry of Finances

New Committees

  • Committee for state revenues (merger of Tax Committee and Customs Control Committee)

Ministry of Energy (new ministry which assumes functions of the Ministry of Oil and Gas)

New committees

  • Committee for Nuclear and Energy Supervision and Control
  • Committee for Environmental Regulation, Control and State Inspectorate in Oil and Gas Sector

Ministry of National Economy (new ministry which assumes function of the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning)

New committees

  • Statistics Committee
  • Committee for regulation of natural monopolies and protection of competition
  • Committee for protection of consumers’ rights
  • Committee for construction and housing and utility sector
  • Committee for Material Reserves

The following 14 committees were abolished:

  • Committee for Intellectual Property in the Ministry of Justice
  • Committee for Enforcement of Judgments in the Ministry of Justice
  • Committee for Registration Service and Legal Assistance in the Ministry of Justice
  • Trade Committee in the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning
  • Committee for Culture and Art affairs in the Ministry of Culture;
  • Committee on Fire Protection in the Ministry of Emergency Cases
  • Committee for State control and Industrial Safety in the Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • Committee for Youth Affairs in the Ministry of Education and Science
  • Committee of Entrepreneurship Development in the Ministry of Regional Development
  • Committee on Foreign Policy Analysis and Prognosis in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Committee on Counterdrug and Drug Control in the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Alida Tuyebekova