- The most interesting part of a corporate lawyer’s job isn’t reviewing documents and finding problems, it’s developing creative solutions that work for all parties.
-There was a vigorous correspondence with a potential client in one of the upcoming projects. I received questions after another questions from them, to which I replied patiently, spending a lot of time (for free). Therefore, upon receipt of another letter with even more issues to clarify, I, running out of time, forwarded it to my colleague. But instead of forwarding the message, I accidentally pressed the "Reply" button. And my email went something like this: ".... Aigera, please, answer his questions. And if after all these free consultations, he will not sign a contract with us, we will X it out! " In response, the client wrote, "Dear Madina, these were the last questions that we would like to clarify before signing a contract with you. Now, even without answers to them, we are ready to sign it. Please, send a copy to me. Thank you for your patience.