-... sometimes it's much more pleasant to receive emails or calls from clients with sincere gratitude for the solution of certain problems than counting paid hours on the project ...
- Early in summer 2013, we had a meeting with a representative of an international firm specializing primarily in design and construction of oil and gas facilities (a potential client at the time). During first few minutes of our meeting, he assumed quite a serious expression and said sternly, "I hate lawyers! I am recently divorced!" Being a lawyer, I could not ignore such a remark, but at the same time, I could not to confront it. Then I decided to share with him an old but still current wisdom «бес саусақ бірдей емес» (your five fingers are different, just like every lawyer is different). As a result, our potential client became our acting client.
- Once, during legal due diligence of a large holding company, I could not manage to interview the president of the holding. A prospective buyer, he was constantly busy. Every attempt to engage him in conversation ended with a polite "I'd love to, but let's do it later." As a result, the legal due diligence came to an end, and the interview of the main person in the transaction did not take place. To remedy the situation, I decided to employ a friendly tactic. After buying a beautiful cake, I knocked on the door to his office. When I heard his stringent "come in", I walked into his office with a cake on my outstretched arms and said, "Let’s have a coffee break!" As a result, the mundane task was combined with a pleasant one. The interview took place over a cup of tea with a slice of delicious cake.