- I had a case where a client came to the hearing unexpectedly. Incidentally, he was also an oligarch from the list of Forbes Kazakhstan. I pled and we quickly went away after the trial. In the evening, this client called me. I thought something must be wrong, but instead, he thanked me for my work. He went on to explain that it was his first time in court. Then, suddenly he said, “listen, when you say "Your Honor", it’s really cool, can you repeat that again?” He had quite a negative attitude toward the judicial system, so this title seemed to him pretentious, but he liked it when I said it. He thought that that was my personal attitude toward the judge. After that, he told everyone that in our courts, it turned out, there were still people with honor.
- Legal assistance from A to Z in the implementation of M & A transactions is a guarantee that the transaction will not turn into buying a "pig in a poke.