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Senior Associate

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Corporate law, M&A


Kazakh economic university (2002)
Kazakh state national university (1995)


English, Russian


Vyacheslav – senior associate, has experience in various structural divisions of bank, directed activity of legal departments of the large holding companies.

Professional Experience

  • State municipal enterprise, Branch of the foreign company, Representation of the foreign pharmaceutical companies - legal support of activity;
  • At the request of clients took part in preparation of the legal conclusions on application of the tax law and conventions about avoidance of the double taxation;
  • Large financial holding company: legal support of activity of joint-stock companies, preparation and support of various civil transactions, consultation on various questions of the civil, tax, labor law, participation in trials of protection of interests of the company, registration, re-registration, liquidation of the companies entering into structure of the holding company, preparation and support of transactions М&А, complex legal support of large projects in the sphere of real estate, construction, production;
  • Kazakh holding company: legal support of wholesale and retail realization of oil products in Kazakhstan;
  • Bank: support of the large projects realized by clients of bank, implementation of internal control of operations of bank, legal support of bank operations.