Our philosophy

Our world is changing. We have entered a phase where people are no longer satisfied by spending their wages on various consumer products. Nowadays, self-realization, creativity and freedom play an important role in the lives of others. At the same time, it does not mean that people have become irresponsible. New technologies have paved way for more effective work, allowing better performance in shorter time. This fact has produced more space for creativity.

This shift in consciousness has generated new business approaches, even for legal services. Traditionally, lawyers are seen as people with strong analytical and critical abilities. However, now, to ensure cutting edge services and progressive advising, it takes much more than the mere knowledge of law; there is a need for a strong position in life--curiosity, flexible mind, openness and proactivity.

The main principle behind the work of our lawyers is that we do not just answer questions. At Linkage & Mind, our team of experts assesses all the risks associated with the situation and analyze the implications of different alternatives. And the fastest way to do this is to live and work effortlessly, much like playing a game. In the end, a thorough knowledge of law, passed through the principles of sports, arts and hobbies lead to effective solutions for our clients.

We transform ourselves to change the world around us. For the better.

With love, respect and devotion,
Lawyers of Linkage & Mind.