Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation and arbitration is one of the most successful practices of L&M. Just last year, we won several million USD for our clients. Clients appeal to us for legally verified and economically viable solutions for the most complex issues.

Also, we offer our clients comprehensive solutions on dispute avoidance and resolution. As for litigation, our lawyers represent clients in courts of all levels, including the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on matters such as:

  • Corporate and commercial disputes
  • Banking and financial disputes
  • Disputes on construction contracts, supplies and other business agreements
  • Disputes on intellectual property and copyright
  • Tax disputes
  • Disputes on antimonopoly regulation
  • Labor disputes
  • Disputes on export-import transactions
  • Administrative cases
  • Real estate and land use disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Contesting of the acts and decisions of the state bodies
  • Disputes for recovery of debt and losses

Our practice handles domestic and international disputes & arbitration, including multi- million cross-border matters. Lawyers of our team are accredited arbiters and mediators who deal with the most complex issues such as shareholder disputes.

Our Services:

Pre-trial settlement of disputes

  • supporting clients at all stages of negotiations with contractors and determining optimal solutions to complex problems
  • legal review and drafting responses (negotiation letters and claims) to settle the dispute out of court

Representation in courts

  • development and preparation of  action plans for litigation
  • research, selection and justification of the evidentiary basis
  • development and preparation of legal documents (petitions, complaints, motions, responses, objections, agreements and other documents)
  • participation in court proceedings in  courts of all instances


  • advice on drafting arbitration agreements
  • representing clients in arbitration proceedings
  • advising on the conflict of laws
  • recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral and court decisions or filing objections to their execution

Execution of decisions

  • analysis of the case, tracking the status of  execution of  court decisions (monitoring the assets and transactions with them)
  • assistance in  enforcement proceedings (interim measures, seizure of property, the foreclosure on the property, coordination of enforcement actions, etc.)
  • procedures for recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration and state courts
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News Projects

December 09, 2016

Linkage & Mind represented the interests of Strabag during the negotiations with its Kazakh partner and reached out of court settlement of the dispute on compensation Kazakh partner’s debt 2 000 000 USD.

January 25, 2016

Linkage & Mind team representing the interests of German manufacturer of chemical products has won a lawsuit

January 25, 2016

Managing Partner of Linkage & Mind law firm - Yerzhan Manassov was interviewed on state TV channel Khabar.

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Tengri Holdings Singapore

Representation of a client (plaintiff) at court. The subject matter of the dispute is service provider’s non-fulfillment (the defendant) of its obligations under the contract (the amount of the claim 3 805 000 USD).

Promzernoproject LLP

Representation of interests of the client (defendant) in court connected with impossibility of performance of Contractor agreement (claim amount 37 000 USD).

BLP law firm

Abu Dhabi Plaza project - preparation of pre-trial detention on the prospects of the case in a dispute arising under a EPC contract.

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The biggest court victory - 1 200 000 000KZT